Settlement Funding

Provides lump sum cash for a portion or all scheduled or likely payments.

With Settlement, Annuity, or lawsuit funding you can receive combined lump sum cash advance on future payments way before they are due or awarded.

How does it work?

If you are currently receiving scheduled payments, have or plan to file a personal injury lawsuit or have been awarded a settlement, you can request cash advance on your expected payments now. There is no job or credit requirement. It takes three easy steps.

Step 1: Complete and submit a funding request.
Step 2: After review of your request, a representative will contact you to discuss your status and funding options.
Step 3: If approved, final funding documents will be completed so you can receive your funds.

Ideally, you can be funded in as little as a few hours after approval.  However, the process before approval will vary depending on the type of funding, case, and jurisdiction. While lawsuit cash advance may be completed in as little as a few days, an annuity on the other hand requires consideration of the court and approval by a judge. It may take weeks, on average of about two months.
For annuity cash advance, you will not have to directly repay any cash advance except assign future payments on the portions of your scheduled payment.  For lawsuit advance, repayment will be from your award when settled; however, if you lose your case you won’t have to repay any sums of money you’ve already received.

You will REPAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if you lose your case. Furthermore, there are no upfront fees or out-of-pocket expenses and it will not interfere or have any negative impact on your case.  In fact it may even enhance it, as you and your legal team will not be under pressure to compromise and you will now have the money you need to:

  • Meet your living expenses
  • Alley your pain and suffering, and
  • Allow you and your legal team to seek swift justice and equitable compensation, no matter how long it takes.

To get started, please download and print our settlement and lawsuit cash advance form or call 1-866-245-0020.

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